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Free Open Access : 1994 - 2018 (Vols. 1-45) UGC Approved
Indexed in SCOPUS, Web of Science, BIOSIS
Allelopathy Journal Volume: 48 Number: 2, November, 2019

Z.R. , Li and L.Y., Bai. Allelopathy in weeds management

H. Shao, K. Shi, C.X. Han1, W.J. Li and C. Zhang. Allelopathic Plants. 24. Xanthium italicum Moretti

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X. Jin, Y.J. Shi, S.C. Tan, C.L. Ma, F.Z. Wu, K. Pan and X.G. Zhou. Effects of different cucumber root exudates components on soil bacterial community structure and abundance

C.Y. Sun, Y.H. Zeng, J.Q. Ma, L. Liu, H.L. Liao and J.H. Huang. Allelopathic effects of Artemisia annua L. root exudates under inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Burçin, Y. K. and, Signem, O. B. Afforestation of post-fire Pinus brutia forests: Effects of Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Pinus brutia and Pinus pinea leaf extracts on cell division in P. brutia seeds

C.C. Li, W.X. Quan , C.Y. Qian and Y.Y. Wu. Distribution characteristics of chemical components in different soil layers of wild rhododendron forest

H. Jenfaoui, H. Chaabane, Z. Hada, U. Sen, K. Sassi, S. Rezgui, I.I. Ozyigit and T. Souissi (Tunisia). Inhibitory effects of 7-allelopathic crops on growth of weed Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra

I. Bouhaouel , A. Gfeller, Kh. Boudabous, M.L. Fauconnier, H. Slim Amara and P. Du Jardin Physico-chemical and biological proprieties of soil affect the allelopathic activity of barleyroot exudates against weeds

S. Li, X. L. Jia, J. H. Ye, X. M. Luo and W. X. Lin. A new method for the analysis of allelochemical phenolic acids in plant soil

Allelopathy Journal Volume: 49 Number: 1, January, 2020

H.M. Liu and L.J. Zhou. Autotoxicity: A Review (II)

S. D. Torawane and D. N. Mokat. Allelopathic effect of invasive weed Neanotis montholonii on seed germination and metabolism of mungbean and rice

K.J. Kavitha, K.Shabith raj and D.A.Evans. Phenols and flavonoids in high content and elevated activity of related enzymes in Musa cultivars cause allelopathy in Odoiporus longicollis (Olivier) and confer resistance against infestation.

.S.Q.Wang, S.L. He, Y.M. Zhang, Q. Y. Wang, C. Y. Zhang, T.Y. Liu, J. Xu,Y.X. Zhang, B. Liu, J.Y. Han, J.C. Qin. Chemical composition and allelopathic activity of essential oils from Eupatorium maculatum

S. Golawska, I. Lukasik, I. Sprawka and H. Sytykiewicz. Siedlce, Poland. Comparison of probing/ feeding behavior for diet analysis to control strategy: a case study on aphids

M. Hozawa and E. Nawata. Allelopathic effects of leaf litter leachates of Ulex europaeus to the other species and to the seed germination of Ulex europaeus itself

Alejandra Guisande-Collazo, Luís González and Pablo Souza-Alonso. Mineral amendments to improve plant growth after soil sterilization in allelopathy experiments

Y. M. Bi, X. L. Jiao, X. X. Li, G. L. Tian, L. Li, H.L. Liu, and W.W. Gao. Degradation dynamics of nine phenolic acids in different crop soils

Y.L. Yin, J.S. Zhou, Y.P. Tang, Q.X. Xie and S.C. Luo. Tetraploid cultivar of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) decreasing autotoxins in the rhizosphere to alleviate continuous cropping problem

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